Jasmine Brown's Testimony

Posted on December 17 2015

Jasmine Brown's Testimony


I want to share a story with you about me, a country girl born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi with all odds against me since conception. Born to a single mom who jumped off of the roof to abort me at 15 years old when she got pregnant. My father was never around so I became of those “statistic”.  Feel into peer pressure and gave up my virginity in an abandoned drug house to a man I just met going into my junior year in high school. The movie “The Players Club “Inspired” me to use my body and looks to make fast and easy money, therefore when I turned 17 I started dancing at a night club. Working as an exotic dancer opened up the door to being in music videos, marijuana and ecstasy. Some of the dancers were prostitutes, escorts, porn stars, grandmothers, gymnast, and college students just trying to make it.  I even hung out with Pimps, “Dope Boys” & Professional Athletes.

I end up getting pregnant during this time and I too became a single mom at the age of 21. I became a victim of domestic violence. I have been raped by my father, family and friends of my family. Two abortions robbed and held at gun point. I’ve been stalked and followed home by “customers” from the strip club.   I have fornicated and committed adultery. I was a runaway teen and a thief. I was told that I would never be anything or amount to anything by people (family) very close to me. I suffered from anxiety and depression. Repossed car, homeless, no job, on welfare wearing someone’s hand me down clothes because I couldn’t afford my own.  I even lust after the same sex at one point just to name a few things.

But God

I thank God for my then boyfriend (My ram in the bush) that time that supported me in my decision to leave the adult entertainment industry. He took care of me and my daughter, allowed me to go to church and seek God. Even while dancing I still went to church and sowed into the kingdom.  My roots came from my grandmother Delois who taught me how to pray and remember scripture. That praying grandmother you hear about I had one who not only told me but showed me.

I became so hungry for the word of God that I would dance in my living room and receive freedom. Kirk Franklin & TD Jakes 911 that song ministered to me a many of nights when I felt all alone. In the summer months in Arizona I would push my 2 year old in 120 degree weather to get to church. I would freeze one Capri Sun & leave one semi icy so her little body wouldn’t over heat. All out of desperation for God!


I started attending a local word of faith church where my foundation was built. My spiritual mother at that time spoke a lot of life into me and showed me how to tap into the spirit of God. She taught me how to speak and confess the word. She taught me to walk with my head up and allowed my gifts to be revealed and allowed me to operate in them. I sang, preached, danced prophetically, armor bearer and even major planned women’s conferences at the Ritz Carleton.  God still uses me and exposed me to more of life.

My call and purpose in life is to be a voice for those who have no voice. God has given me that burden to carry IAM that voice for people and I have been called to speak on the uncomfortable things. Even after I have been talked about by leaders of the church, I will still serve God.

Because of God, I made it out of that life style alive and some don’t. Some get trapped into that life style because they think that’s all they have to work with.  I know how tough it is when you make a $500-$2,000 a night (3-4 hours) then to try to get a “regular” job making $10.00 an hour and you can’t afford your lifestyle so you keep doing it anyway. My heart cries out for that women and anyone who just feels forgotten. So I work out to keep my body fit and ready for spiritual battle. I have to keep this temple in tip top shape to be around for a long time and fulfill my calling.

God can and will use you if you allow him too. Repent and run back to God. You are not what you have been through and YES He can still use you, just as He uses me. Don’t allow the enemy to label you with your past mistakes. But give them to God and allow His living word to transform you and renew your mind. You are an heir in Christ Jesus. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb He knew you. Everything the enemy used to harm you GOD WILL use for His glory.

Right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I remove any label that the enemy or people have put on you. I remove the ones you have placed on yourself and I plead the blood of Jesus over those scars right now. They are being replaced with Gods everlasting joy, hope, peace, provision, dunamis power, favor, anointing, healing, grace, and love. This day you will begin to see yourself as Christ see you. You are made in his image and likeness. You are his craftsmanship and he made no mistake with you. Let those tears be tears of Joy and remember you have the victory.

If you know someone that needs encouragement please reach out to me or share this testimony with them @JasmineTamia on IG, you can like my page on Facebook “The Prayer Junkie” or search out my email and you can always email me I’d love to hear from you and keep you in my prayers.


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  • Karly Olson: November 09, 2017

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. The thought of the person you used to be to the person you are now is remarkable! Keep up the great work ❤ Self love at it’s finest!

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