• Joshua Wellman's Testimony

    Posted on July 12 2016

    I wanted to share you my testimony, and why I wear Lifting The Gospel. I've had depression most of life, had a rough childhood. I committed self harmed, and I was on medication in...

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  • Crystal Mallory Testimony

    Posted on January 28 2016

    In the Fall of 2013 I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship. I was boarder line diabetic, miserable and completely living contrary  to God's will. Food became a...

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  • Jasmine Brown's Testimony

    Posted on December 17 2015

    B.C. I want to share a story with you about me, a country girl born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi with all odds against me since conception. Born to a single mom...

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  • Michael Witham's Testimony

    Posted on December 05 2015

    I feel pain, I have been through struggle, and I have hit rock bottom more times than I can count... But it is my view on life that makes me...

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